Estonian Landscape Architects' Union


Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union (ELAU) is the professional organization of Estonian landscape architects, founded in March 24th 2003.



1) represent and promote the profession of landscape architecture in Estonia;
2) protect the creative, legal and economical rights of it’s members;
3) cooperate with other organizations;
4) organize professional competitions;
5) develop landscape architecture education, training and to promote self-education courses for its members;
6) participate in arrangement of vocational regulation of landscape architecture in Estonia;
7) propose for protection and management of landscape architectural heritage and to preserve documentation about the heritage;
8) mediate the information to its members and publish printed matters;
9) recognize outstanding landscape architectural accomplishments and issue scholarships.


The landscape architects are working in the private consulting sector (mainly with spatial and landscape planning, private garden design and historical park restoration issues) as well as in public sector (at municipal governments, educational institutions and ministries).


The structure of the organization consists of general assembly, the board (up to 15 members), auditing commission and duty of honor.


Activities/ Priorities

§> Working out the Estonian Vocational/ Professional Standard (Landscape Architect) and organizing the delivery of the  Professional Qualification Certificate


> Preparations for becoming the ‘Creative Organisation’ in Estonia

§> Representing the Union in Estonia and internationally

§> Organizing EFLA Regional Conference in Estonia 2011 [simultaneously with Tallinn 2011 – European Capital of Culture]

§ > Creating the professional registry (Mapping the profession in Estonia)

> Keep on publishing Estonian LA magazine and website

> Seminars and Discussions for the members and public


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