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Heiki Kalberg, Nele Nutt, Sulev Nurme, Mart Hiob - Simple, but Therefore Clever Idea – An Effective Dendrological Inventory Process for Landscape Architecture and Design Projects

Postitas: emal | Kuupäev: 24/10/2013

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Peer Reviewed Proceedings of Digital Landscape Architecture 2013: at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Leheküljed:48 - 54
ISBN: 9783879075270
Digital Landscape Architecture 2013 – Connectivity and Collaboration in Planning and Design; Bernburg, Germany 06.06.2013 - 08.06.2013


Good solutions do not necessarily need to be highly complicated or costly. This article introduces a simple way to improve the economic efficiency of the digitalization of dendrological inventory data. The application developed in this study makes it possible to effectively link drawing and database programmes so that data can be utilized in both CAD and GIS systems. Furthermore, no additional investments in training or technology are necessary, as this application uses software already featured in most plan design offices. In Estonia, more than four hundred parks are protected areas), but there are many more historical parks. After Estonia regained independence (1991), people grew more passionate in restoring and rebuilding historical parks, which explains why landscape architects deal with compiling restoration projects on a daily basis. Compiling park design projects involves the inventory of park trees, and provides a much needed overview of park conditions along with the data needed for choosing the best restoration methods that promote sustainable design. Dendrological inventory is a time-consuming process due the extensive fieldwork involved and the detailed data digitalizing and systemizing processes that follow.


Inventory data integration; dendrological data



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