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Orestad South Urban Design Competiton

Postitas: Sirle | Kuupäev: 31/12/2006

The Orestadsselskabet (Orestad Development Corporation) invite architects, including landscape architects and urban designers, to participate in this competition, encouraging them to work with ethnologists, anthropologists, sociologists, human geographers and representatives of other disciplines. Note that the competition is also open to students of landscape architecture.


Entrants are requested to present motivated outline proposals for a number of activity fields in three north-south urban spaces and to present outline proposals for the layout, functions and activities of seven squares in Orestad South. They are also requested to submit an overall plan of the urban spaces in the planned city district.


Further information:
http://www.arkitektforeningen.dk/aa/457B0963-17E5-4D28-8817-F0B836042D10.htm and http://www.orestad.dk/index/uk_frontpage.htm


The competition brief can be downloaded from the website of the Architects’ Association of Denmark at http://www.arkitektforeningen.dk/


Deadline for submission of entries is 14 February 2007. Jesper Kock, Competition manager, Architects’ Association of Denmark. Phone: +45 30 85 90 00, E-mail: jk@aa-dk.dk


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